Stats? We don’t need no stinking stats!

Is he strong or isn’t he? Is he nimble or not? We don’t need shades of grey, we need to know how this Helot is going to go about dismembering his opponent! You won’t find any random dice rolls to determine your Helot’s strengths and weaknesses in Nexus. There will be no bonus to your Helot’s numerical INT value. Seriously, look all you want, you won’t find a Helot’s intelligence. Here you will find these cut to the chase TRAITS listed below…


Willpower is a Helot’s will to live. Willpower increases a Helot’s chances to survive critical injuries, insanity rolls, risky medical procedures and bionic augmentation. On the other hand, the higher a Helot’s willpower the harder he is to control. High willpower not only increases the Helot’s resistance to pain, but also his resistance to his Lanista!


A Helot’s instinct is like a sixth sense. The Helot’s intuition and ability to anticipate his opponent’s next action gives him an edge in avoiding attacks. Unfortunately for a Helot with high instinct, this willingness to let go and be “in the zone” also makes him more susceptible to insanity than most.


Physical presence represents a Helot’s overall strength and size. Helots with a high physical presence are large, powerful and tend to be very intimidating. Luckily for their opponents, these Helots also tend to a bit slow and predictable.


Quick, nimble and surgical with his strikes. Easily underestimated, the Helot with increased deftness is elusive and deadly. He also hits like an 8-year-old girl.


A Helot with high swagger lives for the big stage. He is confident and impressive to behold. Fame comes easily to him as he has a flare for the dramatic and a feel for the crowd. He is quite possibly the greatest champion to ever enter the Nexus, just ask him. He’s a cocky and arrogant little bastard.


A survivor, by any means necessary. Think of the villain twisting his pencil mustache. He’s unlikable sure, but he’s alive and you are dead. Always with a trick up his sleeve, or is that a gun? The crowd hates him almost as much as he hates them.

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