Zealot NXMTV008

A Zealot is almost as bad as an Advocate. The one redeeming quality is their eagerness to kill for their beliefs. A Zealot fights to spread the word of their religion and show off the power of their god (or gods). They believe we were all put here for a reason, and if their opponent doesn’t believe in their higher purpose, they are more than happy to spill blood to prove their divine mission is pure.

A Zealot’s faith is quite potent and makes them very hard to kill. The only thing a Zealot craves more than the healing power of their faith is Fame. Much like the Fame Whore, there aren’t a lot of boundaries when it comes to achieving Fame. In the end, Fame will always win over any conflicts with their religious tenets.

* All miniatures are resin reproductions. They come unpainted and on the sprue requiring assembly*

$30 In stock

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