Supremacist NXMTV007

This Helot believes they are the superior species and wants to shed blood to prove it. This is another sought after prize of the Meat Gardens. Strong, proud, and good with a crowd, these Helots have no shortage of confidence in their professed genetic advantages. They take it upon themselves to be the champion of their entire species, becoming incredibly outspoken. Yet rarely, if ever, do their species actually want them to speak on their behalf. This never stops them from doing so.

Always a crowd favorite, the Supremacist loves fighting a Critiqueur. Any opportunity to sing the praises of their species while pointing out the flaws of others on an interdimensional stage is always a treat for them. They truly hate all other species. In fact, it isn’t uncommon to see a Supremacist trying to liberate themselves during a barge bout, mostly motivated by their desire not to cohabitate with lesser lifeforms.

* All miniatures are resin reproductions. They come unpainted and on the sprue requiring assembly*

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