Sadist NXMTV006

The puppy test is one of first tests Gnoems give Helots in the Meat Gardens. It’s quite simple, but very telling. The Helot is left alone in a room with a puppy (or other hapless creature) for a week. At the end of the week, the Gnoems observe and log the results. While it isn’t uncommon for a Helot to kill or eat the animal, there is no denying the “ministrations” of a Sadist.

Sadist are quite conniving and strong willed. They tend to be quick strikers and more lean than powerful. They also tend to creep the other Helots out. In the Meat Gardens, word gets around about the Sadists and the other Helots try to avoid them—a tactic that can work only until it’s time to venture out into Nexus.

While a Sadist doesn’t have anything inherently against Nexus, they will still periodically try to escape. This is primarily due to them wanting a bit of privacy with their victims… err… opponents.

* All miniatures are resin reproductions. They come unpainted and on the sprue requiring assembly*

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