Hoarder NXMTV004

When all other options have failed, Gnoems turn to this tried-and-true Motivation. Famished are starved and only allowed to eat their opponents. Intrinsically Gnoems have no issues with this, but feel it is a waste of perfectly good biomatter. Famished are a very dangerous bunch with above-average stature and an excellent, almost primal fighting instinct.

Like most animals, Famished do not like to be watched while eating. This trait severely hinders their disposition toward the crowd. It does, however, work to their advantage when using projectile weapons, as the crowd’s cheers are white noise to them, allowing for a deeper state of concentration.

The INC recently passed a special amendment concerning the Spleen Team’s handling of leftover biomatter in fights involving Famished. After a cost analysis of recycled biomatter savings against the costs of replacing Spleen Team workers, they decided to only gather the losing Helot’s equipment.

* All miniatures are resin reproductions. They come unpainted and on the sprue requiring assembly*

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