Critiqueur NXMTV002

A Critiqueur is a critic, and everybody hates a critic. In fact, the INC imposes rules governing the reporting of matches and the critiquing of Helots. TLDR; if you want to critique a Helot, you must conduct an interview on the battlefield. This quickly made the articles a lot more entertaining and Helots really got a chance to speak their minds.

After the passing of this new rule, there was a real shortage of writers in the field and those that remained started dropping like flies. Lanistas informed the Gnoems of the problem, who immediately began selecting candidates from the Meat Gardens to fulfill the need, making sure they were not only wordsmiths, but durable ones. Not exactly fan favorites, but they can really boost an opponent’s reputation with a good review.

* All miniatures are resin reproductions. They come unpainted and on the sprue requiring assembly*

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