What is a Motivation?

MOTIVATIONS are like a class in most other RPGs. Each Motivation has a unique grouping of the 6 traits, so no two Motivations play the same. They all have strengths, weaknesses and some have Special Abilities that really separate them from the rest of the pack.


A Bloodthirster lives for combat. It’s the kind of thing you just can’t fake. They have raw physical need to bash someone’s face in and the crowd really appreciates it. Some of the greatest Helots of all time have been Bloodthirsters. Deadly accurate and light on their feet. Sure, they are a bit crazy and they could be a bit more physically intimidating. But they can really work a crowd, and that twinkle that they get in their eye before dismembering and opponent… there just aren’t words…


A Critiqueur is a critic and everybody hates a critic. As a matter of fact, the INC imposes a rule set governing the reporting of matches and the critiquing of Helots. The meat of the rule is this; if you want to critique a Helot you must conduct an interview on the battlefield. This quickly made the articles a lot more entertaining and the Helots really got a chance to speak their minds.

After the passing of this new rule there was a real shortage of writers in the field and those that remained started dropping like flies. Lanistas informed the Gnoems of the problem and they immediately began selecting candidates from the meat gardens to fulfill the need, making sure they were not only wordsmiths but durable as well. Not exactly fan favorites themselves, they can really boost their opponent’s reputation with a good review.


When all other options have failed, the Gnoems turn to this tried and true motivational method. The Famished are starved and only allowed to eat their opponents. Now, intrinsically the Gnoems have no issues with this practice, they just feel it is a waste of perfectly good biomatter and would naturally rather avoid that. The famished are a very dangerous bunch with a larger than average stature and an excellent, almost primal, instinct for fighting.

Like most animals, The Famished do not like to be watched while they are eating. This trait severely hinders their disposition towards the crowd. It does however work to their advantage when using projectile weapons, as the crowd’s cheers are white noise to them, allowing for a deeper state of concentration.

The INC recently passed a special amendment concerning The Spleen Team’s handling of leftover biomatter in fights involving Famished. After a cost analysis of recycled biomatter savings against the costs of replacing spleen team workers, they decided to only gather the losing Helot’s equipment.


“Oh! Oh! That’s mine! I’m keeping it!”, is the battle cry of the Hoarder. A collector of ANYTHING he sees lying around. Hoarders can’t wait for their next match to see what treasures it will bring! They are surprisingly quick and agile Helots, darting in and out of combat and grabbing what they can. While they love their trinkets, they hate the crowd. They view them as competition, at any minute the crowd could rush the field and grab all the
Hoarder’s stuff!

The hoarder is also quite crafty and sly. They have a real talent for sneaking things both on and off the barges. It isn’t uncommon to see a Hoarder produce a ranged weapon from sum unmentionable hiding spot. While not INC approved, it certainly isn’t discouraged; the fans love it too much!


Now this Helot is a real prize. He is the complete package. Impressive physical stature, a Helot’s intuition and he loves the crowd as much as they love him. These Helots are separated from the rest of the mamluk early on, in hopes of keeping them focused on greatness. They are widely considered to be the perfect mix of skill, power and showmanship.

Don’t get too excited, nobody’s perfect. That isn’t to say nobody thinks they are perfect, because these Helots do. Their ego is an issue at times. Just pray that they don’t catch a glimpse of themselves in the middle of a fight; on a jumbotron, a poster in the crowd or a reflection on an opponent’s armor. This could spell disaster for the Helot.

Unfortunately, the only thing they love more than the cheer of the crowd is themselves.


The puppy test is one of first tests the Gnoems give the mamluk in the Meat Gardens. It’s quite simple but very telling. The mamluk is left alone in a room with a puppy for a week. At the end of the week the Gnoems enter the room and log the results. While it isn’t uncommon for a mamluk to kill, or eat the puppy, there is no denying when they find a Sadist.

Sadist are quite contriving and strong willed. They tend to be quick strikers and more on the lean than powerful side. They also tend to creep the other Helots out. In the meat gardens word gets around about the Sadists and the other Helots try to avoid them. Try as they might, once out of the meat gardens there is no avoiding them in Nexus.

One last note about Sadists. While the sadist doesn’t have anything inherently against Nexus, they will still try to escape from time to time. This is primarily due to them wanting a bit of privacy with their victims… err… opponents.


This Helot believes his is the superior species and wants to shed blood to prove it. This is another sought after prize of the Meat Garden. Strong, proud and good with a crowd, these Helots have no shortage of confidence in their professed genetic advantages. They take it upon themselves to be the Champion of their entire species, becoming their most outspoken member. Rarely if ever do their species want them to speak on their behalf. This however never stops them from doing so.

Always a crowd favorite, the Supremacist loves fighting a Critiqueur. Any opportunity to sing the praises of their species while pointing out the flaws of others on an inter-dimensional stage is always a treat for them. They truly do hate all other species. In fact, it isn’t uncommon to see a Supremacist trying to liberate himself during a Barge Bout. Primarily due to their desire not to cohabitate with lesser lifeforms.


A Zealot is almost as bad as an advocate. The one redeeming quality is their eagerness to kill for their beliefs. A Zealot fights to spread the word of their religion and show off the power of their god, or gods. They believe we were all put here for a reason and if their opponent doesn’t believe in their reason they are more than happy to spill his blood to prove they are right.

A Zealot’s faith is quite powerful and makes them very hard to kill. The only thing a Zealot craves more than the healing power of his faith is Fame. Much like the Fame Whore there aren’t a lot of boundaries when it comes to achieving Fame. When push comes to shove Fame will always win over any conflicts with their religious tenets.

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