Here you are, at rock bottom. Shit craftsmanship. Seedy Captains. Horrible smells. Radiation poisoning. Perverts jacking off to your Helots. These are just a few of the things that you can look forward to as you begin your career as a Lanista. The good news is that there is nowhere to go but up! Your first Helots will undoubtedly make their start on one of these fine vessels. Good luck!


Barge Captain: Tslshmih Iekisletls             Distinguishing Features: Compactor, Slippery Surface

Watch’er steps, folks and fiends. The Compactor pits’re right through this bay, but we…uh…had a bit of extra cleanup to manage after the last ‘ere bout. Right said, it ain’t exactly all mopped and bagged. If’n you step in somethin’ squishy, ain’t nothing to worry about…unless it doesn’t let go…

– Bout Overseer


Industrial hydraulics hidden behind massive metal barge arena walls, this always keeps a fight moving along. Nothing motivates Helots to quickly resolve a match quite like the thought of having the life slowly crushed out of them.

Slippery Surface

When a Helot is fighting for his life, good traction is important. Floors can become slippery for any number or reasons, the most common however is blood, lots and lots of blood.


Barge Captain: Trreezn Ntor             Distinguishing Features: Floor Saws, Rowdy Crowd

Do we do this job for glory? For the great pay? For the crowds who kick us whenever we don’t get out of their way quick enough? Hardly. We do it because we have anger management issues, of course.

– Bloodrust Team Member

Floor Saws (The Rippin’ and the Tearin’)

Floor Saws are circular discs with razor sharp and jagged edges that spring up randomly from the barge arena floors. Once they appear, they move in a straight line at ludicrous speeds, ripping through anything and anyone in their path. The fun doesn’t end there, however! If they should happen to contact a wall or column on their journey, the disk shatters, flinging shrapnel in all directions. Otherwise, the Helots get the added thrill of navigating around it until the bout’s conclusion.

Rowdy Crowd

For some fans, cheering just isn’t enough. They are really invested in the bout and want to be more than just spectators. They want to get involved. A Rowdy Crowd can really have a lot of impact on the results of a bout. While it isn’t uncommon for fans to hurl rocks and broken bottles at the Helots, a truly Rowdy Crowd will throw weapons (both at and to the Helots).


Barge Captain: Hsfahi Nortst             Distinguishing Features: Weapon Crates, Dart Columns

Look with your eyes, kiddies, not with your hands. Trust me when I say that if you break it…if you even breathe on it…you buy it. And I’d wager anything in this cargo bay would have you in indentured slavery to me for a few hundred years, at least. Hey! What did I just tell you?

– Captain Nortst in a rare private tour for private clients

Weapon Crates

Why would anyone put frail wooden boxes packed with deadly weapons in a barge arena during a bout? Is that a trick question?

Dart Columns

Large columns rising from the barge arena floor like an unwanted erection. Spitting paralyzing razor-sharp darts, they are the syphilis of barge Hazards. They won’t kill you; they just ruin your day.


Barge Captain: sourcestarter.com Volunteers             Distinguishing Features: Flickering Lights, Electric Floors

The dream is not dead! No. Just because our efforts so far haven’t resulted in the glorious theater of death we promised the people doesn’t mean we won’t ever achieve our goals. We just have to believe. And keep mopping the blood off the floor.

– Ship Volunteer

Electric Floors

Metal barge arena floors are a very economical decision. They are easy to clean, durable, and a great conductor of electricity. An inexpensive way to spice up any fight, the barge captain simply runs the ships power through the floor, needing only the flip of a switch to complete the circuit. If the captain gets bored… flip and ZAP!

Flickering Lights

Now you see them, now you don’t.

The Dungeon Voyeur (a.k.a. “The Gory Hole”)

Barge Captain: Ghlool Rey             Distinguishing Features: Braziers, Floor Spikes

You’d think, after all this time, I wouldn’t be surprised no more what gets people riled. But if someone’s gonna pay for spectacle, then I’m gonna give ‘em the spectacle they pay for, even if I need a whole day in the mindwipe pod after just to get to sleepin’ again.

– Captain’s Second-in-Command


Braziers are harmless sources of light—until they’re not. At any moment, a Helot could knock one over, creating chaos the whole crowd can enjoy. Barge arena captains enhance this feature by putting a thick layer of dry straw on the floor before the match begins. Kicking over a Brazier is always a real crowd pleaser. As the inferno grows, so does the roar of the crowd!

Floor Spikes

Random. Dangerous. Crippling. Sounds like fun! Any square in the arena is a potential trap and a Helot may find their feet impaled without warning. If the Helots gets lucky and nobody is impaled by the spikes right away, they still get to navigate around them until the bout’s conclusion.

The Coffin

Barge Captain: Bleulg Aosi             Distinguishing Features: Creature Pit, Wall Spikes

Death is the singular sacred destiny of all creatures, no matter their origins, lives, and fates. It comes for us all, no matter how much we try to fight it. Accept your inevitable end and you will know a true measure of peace. Unless it’s an extremely violent end, admittedly.

– Prophet of the Void

Creature Pit

When fighting in a Barge Arena with a Creature Pit, a Helot really needs to watch their step. Apart from the obvious downfalls of falling directly into it, even getting close to the opening can have some unfortunate consequences. Most Creature Pits are home to unnaturally tall species with abnormally long arms (or tentacles) to keep Helots on their toes and make things more interesting for the fans.

Wall Spikes

Nobody puts Helot in a corner! If they do however, it won’t be pretty. Wall Spikes are there to impale Helots, and they serve their purpose well.


Barge Captain: Vpluat Diinmir             Distinguishing Features: Radioactive Waste Barrels

Shielding? Shielding?! Are you serious? Do you know what that sort of thing costs? Don’t need to waste good coin on radiation shielding. You want to cry about your bones glowing, you bring your own rad suit next time and leave me to my work. Shielding. Pah.

– Khenoble Engineer

Radioactive Waste Barrels

Would you enjoy having your Helot double as a nightlight? Then expose them to some radiation! For those without an immunity to such things, radiation can be quite hazardous and even deadly. Pre-existing conditions driving up your Helot’s insurance premiums? Well these barrels are an excellent source of free radiation therapy.

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