The NEXUS: Open Source Project

Going forward, Nexus will be open-source and community driven. This  will allow us to increase our customer reach in an organic way as well as helping to create numerous game ambassadors all across the globe.  Keeping everyone connected by utilizing Kickstarter, our Facebook pages  as well as our website featuring a new D-Verse Discourse Forum.

This forum will be the hub for the NEXUS: Open Source Project (see Kickstarter Update #15).

  • FREE Living Copy of the NEXUS Rules in PDF form for all of us to work on together
  • FREE Downloadable STL and PDF files to print your own game components
  • A place to share suggestions, ideas, fan fiction, artwork and to interact with the creators as well as other NEXUS fans.

This will allow you full access and influence into the final version of the game that will eventually be released to the public via our next Kickstarter.

Help shape the game by joining the forum using the link below!


Thank you for your support,

Jay & Scott of D-Verse Publishing, LLC

September 14th, 2018

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